About us

Instructor Malik Ayman, founder of FIVE PILLARS TKD
(on the left GM Lan – on the right Instructor M Ayman)

Instructor Mr Malik Ayman 4th Degree Black Belt is the Head Instructor, over 30 years Martial Arts Experience and 12 years teachingcompetitions, grading and international experience. Instructor Mr M Ayman enjoys teaching sharing Taekwon-Do as a wonderful development tool for empowering and enriching lives at all ages, children to adults.

Instructor M Ayman has developed a professional and unique 4E system:

Educational – Energetic – Exciting – Empowering

Taekwon-Do is the most practised martial art world wide, quickly developing rapid reactionary skills, self-defence, anti-bullying, fitness, coordination, respect and discipline – as well keeping you healthy, fit and flexible

FIVE PILLARS TAEKWON-DO provide teaching to the following:

  • Schools KS1, KS2, KS3 +, Academies, Colleges – offering a range of flexible times and programmes (pre school – lunch – after school sessions)

  • Private and Public organisations – short intensive essential effective self defence (1 day to 4 weeks courses)

  • Group and Private classes for beginners, children, teenagers and adults throughout London (separate group classes for children, teenagers and adults)

Our organisation regularly conducts, fully recognised grading promotions, competitions local and international, leadership development, Instructor development, self-defence and fitness

  • Please note we have a very strict policy for all our classes only to ensure that we continue to enable the circle of influence whilst training to maintain the highest standards of conduct and respect at all times

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